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MKTG Principal: 10 Great ways to make your contents more engaging

10 Great ways to make your contents more engaging

#1 Post longer articles

#2 Post on the right days of the week #3 List articles get way more shares than others

#4 Always add at least one image to every post

#5 Cute and happy articles get more shares

#6 Quizzes are hot right now!

#7 Use infographics

#8 Repost your content after a week

#9 Get top influencers to share your content

#10 Don't forget to include your bio

Pareto Principal is a Hong Kong-based Strategic Marketing Agency that focus on results. Our mission is to help company owners and senior executives focus and optimize marketing efforts by using the 80-20 Pareto Principle.
We are serial entrepreneurs, business consultants, brand strategists, graphic designers, marketers, publicists, content writers from different industry backgrounds. We back up every strategy with hardcore data for solutions that make a measurable difference.
For more information, please go to or email us at

Infographics: Buzzsumo

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