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MKTG Principal: Instagram for Business: How to Get Quality Followers. PART 3- Drive Engagement on In

Instagram for Business: How to Get Quality Followers. PART 3- Drive Engagement on Instagram

There is no magic bullet on how to instantly get more Instagram followers and certainly “buying” followers is NOT the way to go, try using these 10 engagement tactics to get and keep quality Instagram followers.

  1. Make use of captions: Your photo captions play a big role in helping you get more Instagram followers, so don’t leave the caption field blank.

  2. Ask questions: This will encourage your audience to leave a comment with their answer, and this type of engagement will help make your account visible to more people.

  3. Tag users: Tag other Instagram users featured in your photos either in your caption or by using Instagram’s tagging functionality. Study shows that posts that mention other users in the caption average 37 percent higher engagement. Likewise, encourage your followers to tag their friends in the comments if applicable. This can help expose your Instagram account to a larger network of people.

  4. Tag your location. If you work in a business that has a physical location, make sure you tag your photos with that location and encourage your customers to do the same. Users can then click on that location and see all the photos posted from your store, restaurant, or location, which can help expose your brand (and Instagram account) to more people.

  5. Get creative with video: Instagram is the perfect place to take advantage of video, a trend that is only continuing to grow and dominate social media. The brands that are leading the pack when it comes to Instagram video are attracting new followers through user-generated content, fun and innovative videos that showcase their products, DIY tips, tutorials, and content that piques (and satisfies) curiosity.

  6. Contests: Running contests on Instagram can help further grow your audience, drive traffic to your website, and even help you sell product. To enter the contest, ask people to either follow you, like, comment on one of your photos, use a specific hashtag, or repost one of your photos. Encouraging user-generated content as part of your contest will help you reach more people. Those who don’t follow you already will be exposed to your Instagram account through a post created by one of their friends, which is an effective way of building trust with new followers.

  7. Campaigns: Incorporating Instagram into your overall marketing campaigns can help you gain new followers and connect the offline and online experience for your customers. For example: Run a teaser campaign that is exclusive to Instagram and slowly reveal an announcement, such as a new product or service.

  8. Help others build their community: Like all social media networks, Instagram is about the communities built within it. Find potential new Instagram followers by following them first, and then get involved by liking, commenting, and sharing their content many people will often return the favour. Collaborating with other successful Instagrammers in your industry can help both you and these influencers reach new audiences and gain increased followers and exposure.

  9. Consider Instagram advertising: If you have a budget for social advertising, Instagram ads should definitely be on your radar. A sponsored ad is a powerful way to reach new potential Instagram followers, fast. Instagram now allows almost anyone to purchase sponsored posts within the platform, using online ad-buying tools that are offered by official Instagram partners. This means you can now log onto one of these third-party sites to create, target, and place ads on Instagram, in a self-serve style.

  10. Measure and analyze your results: If you’re not gaining new Instagram followers at the rate you want, reviewing your metrics and analytics on a regular basis can help you identify areas where you can potentially adjust your strategy. For example, you may notice a correlation between the time of day you post, certain hashtags, or the type of content, and a spike in new followers. Try focusing on repeating these moments to see if you get the same results.

Pareto Principal is a Hong Kong-based Strategic Marketing Agency that focus on results. Our mission is to help company owners and senior executives focus and optimize marketing efforts by using the 80-20 Pareto Principle.
We are serial entrepreneurs, business consultants, brand strategists, graphic designers, marketers, publicists, content writers from different industry backgrounds. We back up every strategy with hardcore data for solutions that make a measurable difference.
For more information, please go to or email us at

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